Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Christine Transport - On the road again!

Sierra Mountains Boat Transportation, California

It is good to see the countryside again, and what is even better is knowing that the boating industry is really getting a wake-up call. we know that the marine industry was hit hard with the slumping economy, and followed in suit with the plummeting housing industry. (If people cannot pay their mortgage, they certainly were not making payments on luxury items like boats.)

The good news? That's the past.

Icy Stream, Sierra Mountain Range, California

Seeing a large influx of boat transportation requests due to boats changing hands in a wonderful change - and it allows us to keep doing what we love: Boat Transport.

Snow Drifts at Lake Tahoe

We were lucky enough to transport three gorgeous tenders (small ship to shore boats for mega yachts) to the port of Jacksonville, FL for wealthy overseas yacht owners. Two of these beautiful tenders were 23 feet in length and cost $158,000. The third tender was 27 foot and was at a market price of $177,000. Boat transporting is our specialty (of course) and we were happy to take these three into port and through customs to send them out on their way.

Mega Yacht Nova Spirit in the back is receiving the upscale tender

We also delivered a 23 foot tender made by Novurania, owner Robert Collada, to Seattle, Washington for Nova Spirit, a 40 meter (131 foot) mega yacht. Come rain or shine, we can deliver your boat in the fastest, and most importantly, safest manner possible. Snow? Ice? Still not enough to stop a boat delivery with Christine Transport. Sunny skies or snowy ground, we can still transport your boat to where it needs to be. We make sure to only transport in safe conditions and do not threaten the safety of the delivery - if conditions are too severe or extreme for safe delivery, we can work around it so that your boat arrives safe, sound and secure.

Tender delivery in Seattle, Washington

- Christine Barber -
Christine Transport
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