Friday, February 25, 2011

The Marine Industry Gets A Wake-Up

Let's face it: People are getting tired of the recession – and time isn’t getting any longer because of it.

The news would like to have us think that we were all bunkered down in our homes with a hardhats and MRI’s in both hands… But the truth of it is that Americans have to keep on living.

The clock stops for no one, and this includes those who have set aside the money for something they enjoy. One popular item on many folks’ waiting list is a boat. Why wait five years? Ten? More? How long will it be for that time to turn around, for one to feel “comfortable” making a large purchase on a luxury item? Sometimes never.

I always keep a saying handy and that is “What if I get hit by a bus tomorrow?” In otherwords – will I have any regrets with my current decisions? No one can say how long it will take the economy to fully recover – ask anyone who lived through The Great Depression, it was hard for people to get over that. Some of them never spent anything on themselves that they could enjoy ever again. Although today’s views are very different, we are all still very wary of spending money that we may need in hard times. People (in general) are also very aware that our time here is not infinite – that we have a very small stamp left here and for those who keep on waiting, you may find yourself short-changed in the end.

We came to a serious decision recently – and that was “Do we get a boat right now and enjoy it, or do we keep the funds on-hand for a rainy day?” Now every rational person would say to stow that money away, or what if something terrible happens. What would be more terrible is that we may never have the chance to enjoy ourselves out on the water before we had to go – that’s what would be truly terrible. So we took the plunge and picked up a boat from Mt. Dora Boating Center (which is one of the finest and cleanest facilities we have ever visited and is family-owned) and are happily on our way.

Now I can honestly say that if I got hit by a bus tomorrow I would have no regrets (how is that for a hardcore water-lover?).

Making Tracks... Florida style!
 All joking aside, it is very nice to see the turn-around in the marine industry and the great turnouts of all the boat shows that have been happening as of recent. We are looking forward to steer the ship around and head in the other direction – and it looks like a lot of other people are ready, too! If you are looking to transport your boat, feel free to call us for a FREE boat transport quote, or visit our boat transportation website for more valuable information (including legal information for boat transporters, how to prepare your boat for transport and pictures of our custom boat hauling equipment). Today's post was a far cry from our previous post on how the bubble burst on the boating industry, it is so nice to see the turn-around and people back on the water who love it as much as we do!

- Christine Barber -
Christine Transport
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