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Spring Is In The Air - Dewinterizing Your Boat

Dewinterizing - Spring Fling Cleaning For Your Boat

• Legal
o Make sure that your registration is current.
o Check that your state numbers are legible and not suffering from wear.

• Equipment and Safety Materials
o Check ropes for rot and wear, replace if necessary, always keep an extra on board stowed away.
o Inspect bumpers are properly functioning and are free of cracking and punctures.
o Go over your flare kit, check expiration date (flare kits typically have a four-year expiry date) replace if necessary.
o Check life jackets over and do a count so you know how many you have that year (often times they may get lost or taken home on accident and you could find yourself short).
o Keep foul weather clothing (rain jackets, windbreakers, sweatshirts, etc) handy.
o Test electronics (GPS, Radio, Radar, Trolling Motor, AC, Generator, etc) for functionality.

• Stocking The Boat
o Keep a supply of towels on board of all sizes (from washcloth to beach/picnic size depending on available stowage), store in waterproof bag or container for added protection.
o For larger boats with sleep-over capabilities, spare hygiene products (deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, mini soaps, Q-tips, cotton balls, etc) are a great idea.
o Keep zip lock bags (all sizes), Tupperware or waterproof storage containers, even if it is just a small box of sandwich bags.
o For boats with kitchens, it is good to check the stock of cups, plates, bowls, tableware, glassware, etc for breakage and/or restocking.
o Throw in a waterproof disposable camera in case of “fun emergencies.”
o Pack a deck of cards if fishing gets slow.
o Restock tackle boxes.
o Check all rods and reels to be in proper working order.

• Pre-Launch Touch-ups
o Wash and wax the hull, scrub the decks, clean canvas, etc – make sure your baby sparkles when it hits the water.
o Interior cleaning, wash linens, curtains, scrub kitchens, service bathrooms.
o Give an extra shot of bathroom tank deodorizer.
o Clean out the livewell.
o Check spark plugs, brush up if necessary (it is a good idea to keep tools on board for this as corrosion can be an on-going problem, especially for saltwater boats).
o After winterization it is always a good idea to do test run your boat on dry land with a bonnet before going on your water run (nothing worse than packing up the crowd and having to come back home because of engine trouble, it’s a real bummer).
o Top off the gas tank, keep in mind water displacement.
o Check and change engine oil.

• Trailer Maintenance
o Lather up some fresh grease on the bearings.
o Check tire pressure for appropriate levels.
o Check hub seals.
o Tighten lug nuts.
o Electronics check (lights, brakes, etc).

• Water Bound
o Put on your life jackets and enjoy!

Stay safe out there on the water and practice responsible boating! Boating is a great opportunity to spend time with the family and is becoming a more affordable form of entertainment. You can even view our article about boating with pets on board and how to make the day an enjoyable one - Happy boating!

Christine Transport offers an easy-to-follow checklist for preparing your boat for travel and can be found at any time on our boat transport homepage. Also, check out our article especially for our lady boater enthusiasts! This is just another service we provide to help keep you informed to protect you and your valuables - every transport experience should be an enjoyable one!

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