Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sailboat Transport from Key Largo, Florida to Ingleside, Texas

Yeehaw!  Load ‘em up n’ ship ‘em out!  Christine Transport had to shift gears from sandals and bathing suits in The Florida Keys to boots and cowboy hats in the Corpus Christi area in Texas.  We picked up a 31’ Elizabethan Sloop Sailboat in Key Largo, FL for transport and delivered it to Ingleside, TX.

Sailboat Safe & Secure in Transit from Florida to Texas.

Arriving in Key Largo, we secured the sailboat on our custom sailboat transport trailerdesigned specifically for safe, secure trailer with custom padded boat supports and tied down with ratcheting tie-down straps (with carpet pieces placed under the straps to protect the boat to prevent chaffing during transport).  This particular mast was secured at the side of the trailer – but they normally ride on top of the boat during transportation (the marina we picked up at did not have a safe way to place the mast on the top of the boat, so we transported it on the side).

Christine Transport With Another Happy Delivery in Texas!

Christine Transport Removing The Transport Straps For The Delivery Boat Lift.
Traveling through Texas (we are from Florida and even thought it was extra hot!), we made our boat delivery in Ingleside (just outside of Corpus Christi).  We really loved the scenery and surrounding areas, and were happy to bring another boat home safe and sound to another happy boat owner!

Another Successful Sailboat Delivery!
Here at Christine Transport, it is important to us that your boat arrive home safe and sound, no matter whom you chose to deliver your boat.  You may pay a little more for a professional transporter, but your boat will be insured and you will have legal recourse if any accidents happen.  If you would like to check up on your transporter, and research their legal transport status (you can request this legal transport information from any reputable boat transporter). Two things you will need to know to make sure your boat transporter is a legal transporter, you can request their Certificate of Insurance (which protects your boat) and you can request the transporter's DOT Authority. Christine Transport provides a copy of our commercial transport insurance with every boat transportation quote we provide and you can also find it on our boat transporter website's legal information page

We have fresh new transport equipment that is safe, reliable and ready to haul your boat!  For more information about our new ride, feel free to visit our previous article: Retiring The Boat Transporter Work Horse

If you need a free boat transportation quote – just drop us a line! Christine Transport would be honored to have the opportunity to provide you with professional, reliable boat transport service. We are fully licensed and insured to keep your boat protected. Want to know what our previous boat transport customers think about us? Check out our boat transportation reviews from our happy customers at our Boat Transporter Review page!

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